Word Count Search

Unmaintained Word Count Search 1.4.3

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  • Fix error when Threadmarks add-on is installed but disabled
  • Elasticsearch v6 support is supplied by Search Improvements
  • Prevent word-counts being unexpectedly applied to posts/thread which should not have a word count during bulk-inserts.
    • May require rebuilding threads search index, post search index is should be unaffected by extra processing that is done.
  • Tweak rounding to avoid showing "1000" words instead of "1k" words (and similar rounding boundaries)
This add-on now requires php 5.4+
  • Support for Mulit-Prefix1.7.x's ability to include multiple prefix's as AND'ed forum filters
  • Improved support for Aggregating Forumsv1.2.x
    • Reduces query complexity when dealing with included forums
  • Populate threadmarks +1.5.x categories with word-counts on install.
  • Improve robustness of when a post's wordcount is populated, and any threadmark cache data is updated.
    • Only rebuild thread wordcount & threadmark wordcount cache data once on a post insert/update.
  • Support older versions of the threadmark add-on better.
  • Reduce threshold before the wordcount is stored (100 -> 20)
  • Correctly trigger migration code for updating thread's with per-threadmark category wordcount totals
  • Improve integration with Threadmarks, reducing queries needed on new/edited posts to update word counts.
  • For Threadmarks 1.6.5, support reporting per category word-count totals instead of just the first threadmark type.
  • Do not break indexing of moderator copied posts, or reporting what posts where copied to create a new thread
  • Improve error reporting during add-on installing & enforce dependencies.
    • php 5.4 or newer,
    • XenFor 1.3.0 or newer
    • XFES is required
    • Enhanced Search Improvements 1.2.0 or newer
  • Support sorting by word-count when searching (descending only).
  • Forum Options - sort/filter by word-count.
  • Support threadmark categories
  • Stop deferred tasks it the add-on is disabled or not installed properly