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Unmaintained [WMTech] Maintenance Screen Lite Edition for XF 1.1 1.0.3

No permission to download
Moving the ressource download to new support site.

NO need to download or update for existing users!
  • Minor change with better setup instructions in sorry_default.html file.
  • Minor change in README.txt file to inform about auto installing.
  • Now compatible with the Auto Addon Installer.
1) Minor update with just pedantic code cleaning changes. No need to update if you use version 1.0.1.

2) Changed included "sorry.html" to "sorry_default.html" to prevent unintended overwriting of already customized files when updating.

3) Updated README to instruct renaming of "sorry_default.html".

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1) Edited Addon to ensure "sorry.html" is called for in forum root all times as it should be placed per instructions.

2) Updated sorry.html with full valid CSS for HTML 4.01 Transitional.