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Unmaintained [WMTech] Maintenance Screen Lite Edition for XF 1.1 1.0.3

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.0
  2. 1.1
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Yes, but removable with payment
Extended Features of the Maintenance Screen PRO Edition compared to this Lite Edition:
  • Works just out of the box after installing, no need for additional customized files
  • Lands your visitors at the exact page they've requested after the outage, not just forum home
  • Very easy setup, get your individual Maintenance Screen without any coding
  • Supports and autodetects your individual sorry.html file if you already have one
  • Recodes your individual "sorry.html" with individual redirection for each single visitor (to get them the page they've requested)
  • Support of test strings for Site Monitoring Services
  • Test Mode Switch to check your setup or to quickly shut down your forum manually.
  • Just an easy update if you have this Lite Edition already installed
Get all info about Maintenance Screen PRO Edition here...
Maintenance Screen Lite Edition

Every time you install an addon, rebuild your templates or do other maintenance work in your XenForo ACP (Admin-Control-Panel) the forum shuts down for a few minutes and all your forum visitors see a blank white screen without any notice only.

This tiny "Maintenance Screen" XenForo Addon solves that problem. It checks if a blank screen would be shown, intervenes that process automatically and redirects all visitors to a standard HTML file called "sorry.html" in your forum directory.

You can design that "sorry.html" file as you like. The file included in this package tries to automatically redirect your users back to your forum every 15 seconds until your forum can be reached again.

Current compatibility: XenForo 1.1.3

Please note: This add-on is no longer needed starting with Xenforo version 1.1.4, when the White Screen problem has been solved. However, this ressource will stay available for all of you still using Xenforo 1.1.3 or smaller.

Step 1:
Upload everything from the "upload" directory into your web servers forum directory.

Step 2:
Install "addon-wmt_MaintenanceScreen-10*.xml" in your Xenforo ACP as a new addon.

Step 3:
Modify "sorry_default.html" if needed, until it fits for you.

Step 4:
Change filename from "sorry_default.html" to "sorry.html".

This release can be installed or upgraded using Auto-Installers

Note: You have to do steps 3 and 4 manually if you like a customized maintenance screen, even if you use the auto installer.

If this addon is triggered, XenForo is basically out of order for showing pages. This means that you/we cannot use any XenForo pages or templates for this addon.

The only thing you can modify (and possibly have to) is the file "sorry.html" where this addon automatically redirects all visitors during XenForo's outage. The file "sorry.html" should reside in the root folder of the web directory of your XenForo installation, just beside XenForo's "rgba.php" (it will be there if you follow the instructions above).

For the automatic redirection to your forum homepage it is VERY IMPORTANT that you change the setting of the redirect target in the head of "sorry.html". You will find the following code:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="15;url=/">
CHANGE the URL of that code to YOUR XenForo home page URL. For example, if your Xenforo Homepage is "" you have to change that to
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="15;url=">
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="15;url=/xenforo/">
The default setting (/) works only if your XenForo URL is the URL of the home page of your whole domain!

You may also change your logo and the footer link to your homepage in "sorry.html".

Frequent Questions and Error Handling:
Q: I got the error "404: sorry.html cannot be found"?
A: Please make sure that you have renamed the included file "sorry_default.html" to "sorry.html" and placed it in your XenForo root folder, just beside e.g. "rgba.php" and "admindav.php".

Q: The maintenance screen redirects my users to my web sites homepage! I want my forum users to be redirected to my forum again!
A: Please make sure that you have configured the redirect meta tag in sorry.html correctly. For quick help, I suggest posting a link to your sorry.html in the support thread of this addon.

Q: My forum is broken after installing your addon. What should I do now?
A: Deinstall or deactivate the addon and ask for help. If you cannot reach the XenForo ACP any more, login to your web server and add the following piece of code to library/config.php:
$config['enableListeners'] = false;
This will disable all addons and enable you to get access to the ACP again where you will be able to deinstall the addon.

Q: I have installed your addon and nothing has changed with my XenForo?
A: This is the default behavior. This addon only gets to work if your XenForo software is not able to produce any output (as always when installing new addons, languages, phrades, templates, revuilding, etc.) and would normally show a blank white page. If you want to test it, you can rebuild your templates manually or just install a new addon. If your ACP shows "Rebuilding templates" and you visit your XenForo homepage, this addon will show you the maintenance screen, but only if XenForo is down.

Q: This addon does not include any templates or phrases, just a single listener and a very small file. Why does it take so long to be installed?
A: XenForo rebuilds all templates and phrases even if an addon includes neither new templates nor new phrases. This is why it is good to use this addon! Your users are no longer left in the dark with a white screen.

Q: I like your work, do you accept donations?
A: Yes, I would be happy about a donation. Please use one of those links to donate using Paypal:

Unfortunatelly there is almost nothing to see with that addon.
This is a screenshot of the "sorry.html" provided in the package and a screenshot of the only controls you have inside XenForo, the "List addons" page.

There will be no support for this addon except within this thread. And even then, it won't be guaranteed. I will provide updates to this addon should the need arise. But i can provide no guarantee for that also. The addon is tested and almost sure bug free (it consists of a few lines of code only).
I reserve all rights to the code in this addon. It may not be distributed, modified or unmodified, in whole or part without my written consent.

Thank you, and I hope it helps with your forum too.
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