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Unmaintained [WMTech] Maintenance Screen Lite Edition for XF 1.1 1.0.3

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This is a must have add-on. Thanks for sharing.
Love it, now my members will quit emailing me and asking why the board is down! haha
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Fabulous and very necessary add-on!
Really handy add-on, should be in Xenforo out of the box.
This is extremely useful. Thank you so much
Great to see this add-on released = Cheers and happy 2013 to you. btw... It seems as if the donate link is broken. May wanna fix it ;) Anyway. Thanks so much for the share!

Thank you for notifying. It was not broken yesterday when I gratefully received some donations. Seems to have been modified unintededly by someone, perhaps even me.
Superb, makes our XF site more professional. Thanks for sharing...Seasons greetings to all :)
great addon..thanks so much :P
This is one I've been waiting for. The only thing that bothers me about xenforo is the white screen when installing or uninstalling something. This add on is PERFECT!
Thank you. As already said, this should been part of xF a long time ago, thank you for the release.
If we had "mod of the month" here I'd be voting and voting often. LoL ---- Exactly what the doctor ordered and what should have been in XenForo from day 1.
The simplest solutions are the best. I'm sure I'm not the only developer kicking myself.
You coded wonderful addons. There is no need to kick yourself. ;)
Nice work! You just filled a big gap in Xenforo.