[WMTech] External Link Interstitial

[WMTech] External Link Interstitial 1.0.4

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Q: This add-on does not work at all! What can I do?
A: You need to enable XenForo's Lin Proxy feature to be able to use this add-on. The switch to enable it can be found under ACP > Options > Messages. Just check the feature "Proxy Links", which is deactivated by default.

General Error Handling after a faulty installation:
Q: My forum is broken after installing an addon. What should I do now?
A: Deinstall or deactivate the addon and ask for help. If you cannot reach the XenForo ACP any more, login to your web server and add the following piece of code to library/config.php:
$config['enableListeners'] = false;
This will disable all addons and enable you to get access to the ACP again where you will be able to deinstall the problematic addon.