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Unmaintained Widgets Collection for Widget Framework 2.0.2

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If you like this work, a donation helps contribute to its maintenance, which I appreciate in advance and can be released to new jobs.

Soon it will be with Spanish installation.

If you believe this work is recommended for other users, do please review. A rating and a comment help other users to know the quality of work.

This collection of widgets consists:
  1. Adsense: widgets for Google Adsense ad with settings options. Set up an advertising package for each widget.
  2. Board Totals.
  3. Count Down: Highly configurable style properties.
  4. Facebook: Language, height and width are configurables and the color combination widget (dark or light colors).
  5. Last images: Choice of albums or images, popular or random, their image number to show and the number of columns to show images.
  6. Most Threads:
    • individually:
      • Last posts
      • most liked posts
      • last threads
      • most viewed threads
      • most replied threads
      • most followed threads.
    • Packs
      • Last posts/threads
      • most liked posts, most view threads, most followed threads and most replied threads.
      • All tabbed most threads widget.
  7. Most Users:
    • individually:
      • Max poster users
      • More liked users
      • More followed users
      • More Throphied users
      • Happy birthdays today
      • Last registered users.
      • Last registered users with 1+ posts.
      • Registers by gender with statistics.
    • Packs
      • All tabbed most users widget.
  8. Online users: separate staff or not, show names or avatars,...
  9. Raw HTML widget with scroll: configurable scroll (up, down, left or right, velocity, velocity on mousse over, behavior normal or alternate, background color, title and raw text).
  10. Recent Activity (beta).
  11. Share this page: with appropiate template layout.
  12. Status Updates: with hidden buttom to show on mousse widget over.
  13. Twitter: Create a widget twitter. Highly configurable.
Chris add-on Installer compatible.
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Lot of good stuff in a single place. A little play with templates can form it to anybody's needs. The only trouble is few variable name not in english but that is not a big deal. Any one with little know how of scripts and html can handle it. Overall a must have for any forum.
Great addon!
Great widgets! Thank you!
Nice Addon
Thanks to this addon I no longer needed Xenporta.
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