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What's New Digest 5.0.5

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The test tool was not respecting the exclude forums list from the options - that is now fixed.

Note that this bug did not affect the emails sent to users - that did use the exclude forums list correctly.
Fixed typo in XF\EmailUnsubscribe\Processor::applyUserUnsubscribeAction - thanks to @Mouth for finding the bug!
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No changes to functionality - but I removed all of the testing code from the release package.

There is no need to install this version if you already have v5.0.3 installed - it won't fix the problem and there is no new code.

If you have already installed 5.0.3 and you want to clean up the additional files, you can safely remove the following files and directories under src/addons/Hampel/WhatsNewDigest/...:
  • composer.json
  • composer.lock
  • phpunit.xml
  • tests/
  • vendor/
The upgrade process doesn't delete the additional files, but it won't do any harm to leave them there.
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Critical bugfix release - all users of v5.x should update to this version immediately
  • rewrite job to fix some logic issues
  • fix repo query which wasn't counting users the same way that we were selecting them
  • remove redundant PreferenceFieldId helper class - field no longer used
  • remove redundant listener function - has been moved to adapter addon
  • bugfix: was trying to filter new or updated threads even if none were found
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bugfix: missing use statement in XF\EmailUnsubscribe\Processor

Thanks to @Wutime for finding and reporting this bug!
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  • Fixed a bug with the display of HTML in emails
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Major new release - completely rewritten for compatibility with both XF 2.1 and 2.2
  • bugfix: admin edit fields weren't appearing in the correct place
  • bugfix: admin edits weren't being saved
  • update: now uses a job to find users and queue emails
  • update: list unsubscribe header now gets added to outbound email
  • update: in test mode the prefix [Test] is added to the subject line
  • update: better support for processing user unsubscribes
  • update: SparkPost support now moved to a separate addon so we can support XF 2.2
  • update: tested on XF 2.2
  • feature: option to honour the Receive admin emails setting
  • feature: support for monthly digest emails
  • feature: widget to encourage users to opt in to digest emails
  • feature: add any HTML to the top or bottom of emails
Important breaking changes:
  1. the default option is now to honour the "Receive new and update emails" option in user preferences. You will need to turn this off in the settings to retain the previous behaviour.
  2. if you use either of my SparkPostMail addons (v1.x or v2.x), you must install the What's New Digest adapter for SparkPost addon - some integration functionality has been removed from this addon to the separate adapter addon to maximise compatibility across XF versions.
bugfix: wrong visibility on function userSaveProcess
fixes some missed phrases
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