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Weekly Digest 3.5

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On Jan 1, 2016 version 2.1 of this add-on was released to address an exploitable SQL injection vulnerability. If you are still using a version of this add-on which is below 2.1 or released before Jan 1, 2016 then it is essential that you update to the latest version of the add-on as soon as possible to fix this security issue. If you have any further questions, please ask.
Weekly Digest v3.5 changes:

Fixed PHP code dealing with the Exclude Forums option.
Weekly Digest v3.4 changes:

1) Emails are sent only if there are new threads.
2) Phrase updated.
Weekly Digest v3.3 changes:

Added Image URL to Options. The email can now include an optional image such as a logo.
Weekly Digest v3.2 changes:

Added Show Username as an option to the Options page.
Weekly Digest v3.1 changes:

Updated PHP code.
Weekly Digest v3.0 changes:

Added "Sent to Username" information to help identify who the email is sent to.
Weekly Digest v2.9 changes:

Removed no longer used phrases.
Weekly Digest v2.8 changes:

Updated PHP code.
Weekly Digest v2.7 changes:

New Simplified email works on all devices.