Warning Improvements by Xon

Warning Improvements by Xon 2.8.6

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  • Rename some missed phrases when updating "Escalating default warning expiry" feature
  • Fix removing expired warnings/bans for a user on the next page load was not triggering as expected
  • Fix Report Improvements integration for warning edits now showing disabled reactions flag correctly
  • Fix typo in admincp phrase
  • Fix error during updating when Report Improvements files exist, but the add-on isn't active
  • Change "Warning Escalating Defaults" related phrases text to "Escalating default warning expiry" phrases to better reflect the feature
  • Improve compatibility with older MySQL/MariaDb versions (Fix column sv_content_spoiler_title can't have a default value)
  • When content is edited, ensure the warning spoiler/disable reaction flags are copied to ensure they are kept in sync
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  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • php 8.2 compatibility update
  • Add "Spoiler contents" and "Disable reactions" content action options when issuing warnings. Per-warning defaults can be configured on the warning definitions.
    • "Disable reactions" prevents new reactions, and prevents viewing existing reactions. It does not change if existing reactions count to the user's reaction totals.
    • "Spoiler contents" injects the spoiler during the rendering pipeline, and can't be edited away.
    • Supports:
      • Posts
      • Profile Posts
      • Profile Posts Comments.
    • Warning: editing content while this add-on is disabled will wipe the metadata used to drive the "Spoiler contents" and "Disable reactions" features. Editing the warning will put that data back.
      Related XF bug.
  • Add new permission "Allow bypassing reaction list restriction from warning" to view reactions on a post which has them disabled
  • Add missing moderator log phrases for various warning editing entries
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  • Fix 'default selected' when using radio-view when issuing a warning not selecting the first warning in the list, and causing nothing to be selected when the custom warning isn't selectable
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  • Fix "Force conversation email on warning" option did not trigger for banned users
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If using Report Improvements, recommend updating to v2.10.14+ as it may cause issuing a warning to fail with 'conversation title required'.

  • php 8.2 compat fixes
  • Prevent error about a missing function when editing a warning when too old a Report Improvements is installed
  • Fix 'attempted to read property "user_id" on null' when issuing a warning.
    • Occurs when "Warning Acknowledgments" add-on is not installed
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  • Only show previous warnings if a user can see them
  • Add missing permission check for if a report can be resolved when editing a warning
  • Fix that "resolve report" checkbox could be shown to users who can't resolve reports when editing warnings