Warning Improvements by Xon

Unmaintained Warning Improvements by Xon 1.7.2

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Works excellent along with Alert Improvements and Report Improvements. Very happy with less interaction required from our staff team.
Compreshensive warnings improvements allowing the categorisation of warnings with specific warnings accumulating points only in specific categories thereby facilitating warning actions based on separate categories of warning. Our users accumulate warning points for classified infractions independently of other types of infractions. Excellent.
This addon saves us a ton of work. Especially in combination with report improvements. Warn a member with a few clicks. For the majority of our warnings there is no need to write or define anything.

I would not run a forum without it.
The new ability to drag-and-drop categorize and order warnings is a five star review in itself :) Thank you!
This add-on is a must have on any community that has over 100 users. My favorite thing about the add-on so far is the fact that I can require my staff to fill in the notes field and justify their actions, and the fact the users can see their own warning history. I also like that it sends an alert on warnings, rather than just a private message. It also will email banned users to explain why they’re banned. To top it all off, Xon is extremely responsive for both support and feature requests!
perfect! very good add on (y) :) users can see his/her warnings to his/her profile.... i like it.. thanks
Does what it says! Giving our users ability to view their warnings helps a ton with transparency. Alerts are great, and I also love the option to require mods to fill in the "notes" field.
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