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Vote Tally 1.2.4

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  • Fix "manage votes" option not working as expected with XF >1.5.17
  • Implement compression of votes blob in database
  • Reduce number of queries to load/save vote tally progress
  • Add breadcrumb when in non-overlay mode
  • Skip checking posts for votes by users with blacklisted user groups
  • Remove redundant SQL queries for global RSS feature and some thread list pages
  • Bugfix "insert vote tally" not redirecting to inserted post
  • Relax php versioning from php7 => php 5.6
  • Ensure collation is set correctly to UTF8 when creating tables
  • Improve robustness of handling voting maps
  • Add display-ordering for permissions
  • Fix for punctuated names
  • Fixes to chained/recursive voting (ie vote for A, A votes for B, etc)
  • Only display Help/bug report link if set