1. spirogg

    Lack of interest when voting on a forum I would like to have the wording Vote on top of the ^ and upvote downvote

    I think we should have the wording VOTE on top of the selector vote ^ when voting ( this will take away from the users whom do not vote and just like your post. ) also to add the word Vote and have it use the Language file so someone can change the wording to what they want...
  2. Stylesfactory

    Beta Ultimate Vote Page 1.0.1

    Now you can set your voting page in few minutes. With this plugin you can: set rounded gfx icon for voting block set link to voting page set title for voting link it's responsive! unlimited list of links set description above all links set reward info below voting links Plugin should work...
  3. X

    Unmaintained Vote Tally 1.2.4

    Allows integrated vote counting via extracting semi-structured text from posts in a thread. Recommend Threadmarks (free or paid). Note; this has been a private add-on for nearly a year before public release. First past the post tallying Tallying by username, task, and plan are supported...