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Unmaintained [voiceradio.us] Voicebar 1.0.1

Fixed footer and news ticker.

  1. Trombones13
    Voicebar - Fixed Footer and News Ticker
    Latest Release: Version 1.0.1
    Version History: [link]
    Demo: Live site - The Voice Internet Radio

    Voicebar Sample.png

    Special Thanks

    Voicebar is an add-on that allows you to add a fixed footer to your forum containing useful links and a news ticker of the latest information being posted. These links, text, and additional features can be controlled through options and custom settings in the Admin CP that allow you to customize your footer to your specifications.

    1. Download and unzip the .zip folder attached at the bottom of this post.
    2. Upload everything inside the upload directory to the appropriate directories, which are noted by the names of the folders.
    3. Install the add-on by importing the XML file contained in the .zip folder.
    4. Edit the footer as follows:
    • Edit colors @tertiaryDark, @tertiaryMedium, @voicebarHover, @voicebarBelow, and @voicebarShadow in the Color Palette.
    • Edit voicebar_button_left and voicebar_button_right text in Phrases.
    • Edit links, images, and text in Options, under Voicebar - Fixed Footer and News Ticker - Settings.
    Please ask any questions, give suggestions, etc. about the add-on in this thread. Asking on my site will result in me redirecting you to here.

    Thanks for checking out the add-on; I hope it will work as a nice solution to deliver links and information on your site. As previously mentioned, questions and suggestions are more than welcome. :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Lisa
    Version: 1.0.1
    Excellent addon :)