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Visual List of Ad Locations

great. thanks for this. It's definitely something I needed... now if I could just find out how to edit these templates lol
Great resource, wish I had found it sooner. I'm new to ZF and the ad placement is different from what I'm familiar with. Thanks!
Just what I was looking for given I did not want to install an addon to achieve this result, thank you.
Such a great idea and resource... especially for those of us that are visiual learners! Thanks @Slavik!!!
I love easy...
good stuff :)
Excellent post. Very helpful.
VERY useful when deciding where to place ads or other information.
Just what I was looking for :)
wow so useful
thank you so much A+++++
Useful, thanks! :)
excellent work!
Great, thanks !
Very helpful !
Pro tip. :)
Ecellent, thanks!
Great to see some fantastic content resurrected from an old thread and redistributed as an invaluable resource for all! Nice work mate! :)
Ha! Who knew??!? I probably should have LOL
So wow - another great info share. Thanks Slavik ;)