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Username Change by Siropu 1.2.5

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A new phrase in 1.2.4 has been attributed to a different Add-on. Sorry about that.
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Added a phrase above the "New Username" field for a short explanation on what the feature does, for inexperienced users.

Also added a phrase that tells the user how many changes has left.


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Version 1.2.3 adds pagination to username change history.
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Version 1.2.2 fixes a bug in time frame between username changes.
1.2.1 fixes a bug in the helper.
Now users are allowed to make small changes to their username, like changing the text case.

Also, now the new username in the announcement thread content will link to the user profile.
1.1.2 fixes a bug in the custom tables feature and a misspelled phrase.
1.1.1 fixes an error in the announcement thread title: Old Username => New Username instead of New Username => Old Username
I have added the option to automatically post announcements in a specified forum every time a user changes the username.


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