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User Paid Sticky 1.2.1

No permission to buy ($49.99)
  • Support added for custom CSS on sticky threads.
  • Set class on a per-node basis (use different CSS markup for differing nodes)
  • CSS added via EXTRA.css


Demo at:

How we did it here: Under the for sale node we set the CSS Class to "stickyColor".

Then, added the following code to the EXTRA.css template to turn the text for Paid Sticky threads red.

.discussionListItems .stickyColor, .discussionListItems .stickyColor a 
    color: #CC0000 !important; 

Update emailed to all customers.
Fixed a bug stoping the creation of new nodes when this addon was disabled.

Thanks to Anthony Parsons for bringing this to my attention.
Updated to 1.1.1

  • Small edits to Transaction log code to be more useful
  • Sticky Log will now show applied discounts correctly
  • Fixed bug with discounts and Paypal
Updated to 1.1

  • Moved discounts from User Upgrades to User Groups
  • Added Transaction and Sticky logs to Admin CP
  • Fixed addon clash with Enforce Post Rules
  • Fixed bug with User Discounts and Paypal


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