User Mentions Improvements by Xon

User Mentions Improvements by Xon 2.8.2

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If i could give more stars, I would! Love the add-on, and the developer is extremely helpful. A must have for any online communities, in particular gaming communities like ours. Thanks Xon, and keep up the great work! :)
Something I'm surpised isn't added by default.

Invaluable addon this one that solves issues with users wanting to bring items to the attention of your staff (or allows a moderator to flag something for fellow staff to look into).

Superb addon that should be on your "must have" list.

Given it's developed by the highly skilled Xon, you know you can trust it!
Great addon for anyone running a website with staff that you need to mention in important threads. It took me a little bit to figure out that I needed to click on "is mentionable" in the usergroup - but that was about all the difficulties I had setting it up.
Most useful addon for our forum. When we upgraded to XF2 I didn't realise how much our staff relied on this addon. It's seamless and the developer Xon is VERY helpful. I made the payment to get this addon ported and Xon worked closely with any issues I had and fixed them all nearly instantly. Very great to work with, also very much appreciate his work! Thanks a billion Xon. You Rock!