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User Language 1.5

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User Language v1.5 changes:

1) Added code to prevent occasional "Data too long" server error.

Requires copying library/Andy/UserLanguage folder to the server and upgrading the XML file.
User Language v1.4 changes:

1) Forum List and Thread View both update the User Language add-on.

Requires copying library/Andy/UserLanguage folder to server. The a XML upgrade.
User Language v1.3 changes:

1) Name of add-on is changed from Accpet Language to User Language.
2) Added whatismyipaddress loopup for IP addresses
3) Added username column
4) Added additional phrases to help admins understand how the data is collected.

This requires a full uninstallation and deletions of existing library/Andy/AcceptLanguage folder on your server. Then install User Language v1.3 as described in the Overview.
Accept Language v1.2 changes:

1) Added Option to show an Accept Language link in the Visitor tab.

A simple XML upgrade is all that is needed if upgrading from Accept Language v1.1.
Accept Language v1.1 changes:

Added support for IPv6.

Please be sure to uninstall this add-on so you can do a complete new install. This is the only way to ensure a proper upgrade.
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