User Agent

User Agent 2.4

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User Agent v1.4 changes:

IP address now is a link to

A simple XML upgrade is all that is needed if upgrading from v1.3.
User Agent v1.3 changes:

1) Added Option to display a User Agent link in the Visitor tab.

A simple XML add-on upgrade is all that is required to update this add-on from User Agent v1.2.
User Agent v1.2 changes:

Added support for IPv6. Please do a complete uninstall and delete the the UserAgent folder on your server. Then do a new install.
User Agent v1.1 changes

1) Fixed issue where very long user agent strings exceeded table field limit and caused a server error log to be made.

Note: Please do not use the upgrade procedure. You need to uninstall the add-on and install the new version.