User Agent

User Agent 2.4

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User Agent v2.4 changes:

Added Location field. Please uninstall any previous version before installing this new version.
User Agent v2.3 changes:

Updated PHP code, templates and phrases.

If upgrading, please delete the Andy/UserAgent folder from server first, then upload new folder from zip file.
User Agent v2.2 changes:

Updated Template Modification to use Regular Expression.
User Agent v2.1 changes:

Added support for CrOS.
User Agent v2.0 changes:

Added support for Edge browser.
User Agent v1.9 changes:

Improved PHP code to better handle user agent strings.
User Agent v1.8 changes:

Improved PHP code to eliminate server error log which sometimes occurred.
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User Agent v1.7 changes:

Added additional user agent totals.
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User Agent v1.6 changes:

1) Added links to username and ip address

2) Added code so that forum_list and thread_view now update the list User Agent data.

3) Added target="_blank" for ip link.

To update from v1.5, copy folder library/Andy/UserAgent to your server and do a XML upgrade.

To update from earlier versions, do a complete uninstall of the add-on and a new install.
User Agent v1.5 changes:

1) Added permissions to Visitor tab link. User Agent link now only shows to those that have permission to use.

A simple XML upgrade is all that is required if upgrading from v1.4.