Top Poster Statistics Widgets+Contest Winner+Page Of Day-Week-Month

Unmaintained Top Poster Statistics Widgets+Contest Winner+Page Of Day-Week-Month 2.1.0

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
  3. 1.4
  4. 1.5
License in download (please read description before purchasing)
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
**If you want to remove branding ($25 USD) please private message me here. **

I decided to offer this addon free to the forum but I would greatly appreciate it if you can donate by sending me a private message or purchasing the branding removal because I paid a lot of money to have this addon created. Thanks :)

Xenforo has really needed a way to show top posters of the month so we as consumers can host posting contests or bragging rights. So here it is!


  • Top Posters Of the Month Page
  • Set Usergroup Permissions (Main group only)
  • Set how many users to list on homepage
  • Widget: Winner Of The Month (Shows previous month winner)
  • Widget: Leaderboard (Shows who is winning for the current month *cache is set to change every 6 hours*)
  • Dedicated page within the Members page that shows Top Posters
  • Show previous month winners
  • Winner Ribbon on Widget -> Winner ribbon for previous month is present on the user info box in front of every post
Future Updates:
  • Post Ratings (Will add stats on the main page)
  • Compatible with Widget Framework
Important Information:

-Cache is set to show every 6 hours, so when you first install you will not see the widget sidebar until there is posts

-> This can be changed by updating the Cron in AdminCP to whatever interval you want the posts to update
-> If you don't have posts when you install: it will wait for the next cache update to run before it shows the leaderboard

Demo: TruckMount Forums #1 Carpet Cleaning Forums


Please let me know if you guys have any recommendations on how I can make this addon even better! Thanks!

**You may use on any forum except any websites in direct competition with our main forum for the Cleaning Industry, so if you have a carpet cleaning forum or cleaning forum in general, do not buy or download this addon as you will be fined** TruckMountForums
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Latest updates

  1. Changelog for 2.1.0

    - Bug fix in SQL query introduced in 2.0.0 - Removed the Allowed user groups completely and...
  2. Stable version launched!

    Changelog : 1. Added option for having multiple winners for the previous month (love this) 2...
  3. Top Poster Statistic Widget Updated

    Change Log: 1. Ability to exclude Forums 2. Phrases Fix 3. Better Widget Framework Support...

Latest reviews

Nice and neat add on. Brings fun to the forum. I couldn't find a way to use this wothout widget framework though, but I use widget framework anyway, so no issue for me.
Still doesn't work for me. I've sent a PM as well as posted on the discussion a few days ago with no help what so ever. I even tried using the Framework, and the addon for that with no help what so ever...
Works perfectly well with XF 1.5.0. Very elegant addon. Easy to configure. Seamless integration with [bd] Widget Framework. Love it! Installed it just now and am eager to see the 'impact' on my members :)
Doesn't work with the current XenForo and not a single reply from the creator of the addon. Multiple messages with the same problem has been post and not a single one of them have received a reply.
I brought a failing website about a year ago. I added this plugin and pretty much within a week it was busy and continued to do so. Highly suggest that you put a minimum text limit on your forum, people will post like hell
Very Nice. But include Likes/Post rating count also in determining the Top Poster. Also instead of User Group, pls make it for Secondary User Group.
yes absolutely true!
Thanks, working perfectly :)
Looking at your preview images, look like I won a month :D Whoot ;) Any how, very good addon by a great developer. Will be using it shortly on my own site for an upcoming contest I will be holding. This is the perfect match!
Good Idea, doesn't let you rename Widgets though for some reason, which you should be able to do with WF Widgets. Bug?
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