[tl] Social Groups

[tl] Social Groups 2.1.8

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Notable changes:
  • Fixed missing phrases
  • Fixed tags not saved when creating event
  • Fixed group activity not updated
Notable changes:
  • Fixed render incorrect breadcrumbs
  • Show privacy rows in group create form.
  • Fixed invalid redirect when remove a member
  • Added new style property to control avatar rounded size.
  • Limit invitations which user can send in 24 hours
    • User groups permissions: Maximum invitations in 24 hours
  • Fixed listing all member states
  • Implement logic limit groups can create
    • User groups permissions: Maximum groups can create
  • Fixed invalid events link
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Notable changes:
  • Fixed invalid events link
  • Fixed invalid category pagination link
  • Fixed invited members bypass group privacy
Notable changes:
  • Fixed order not working
  • Fixed cannot create event while not using Friendly URLs
  • Fixed N+1 query
  • Added new role: Upload attachments to comments
  • Added new role: Invite people
Notable changes:
  • Added support merge groups
  • Added support show groups into user profile
  • Fixed send notifications on user watch comment cause mysql errors
  • Fixed load extra queries
Notable changes:
  • Improvement import data
  • Added shortcut to group options
  • Added require XenForo 2.1.4 or higher to use this add-on (2.1.3 or higher)
  • Fixed some bugs
Notable changes:
  • Fixed: Template error: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements
Notable changes:
  • Fix access invalid property
  • Fix delete forum does not decrease the counter
Notable changes:
  • Allow disable guest posting into public groups
  • Support default sort groups in option
  • Fixed call method on null
  • Improvement option list
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Notable changes:
  • Fixed cannot create new events
  • Fixed custom reaction error