[tl] Social Groups

[tl] Social Groups 3.1.2

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Notable changes:
  • Fixed error access invalid property in emails
Notable changes:
  • Send emails to users when posts created in group
  • Send emails to users when events created in group
  • Added new permission allow forum admins/moderators can manage group members
  • Support user privacy to view groups on profile page
  • Support lift ban members
  • Fix API issues
Notable changes:
  • Support cancel events
  • Fixed breadcrumb issues when viewing group thread
  • Support default event time zone
Notable changes:
  • Fixed own tab does not work
Notable changes:
  • Fixed layout issues
  • Added default privacy in category settings
  • Added new member role allow use inline moderations in thread
  • Fixed warning error in batch groups
  • Support resource icon
  • Fixed PHP8 warning
Notable changes:
  • Fixed error invalid arguments
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Notable changes:
  • Fixed invalid fetch relations
  • Improvement phrases
Notable changes:
  • Fixed group member counter may not update correctly
  • Fixed invalid content type for group post
Notable changes:
  • Fixed missing phrases
  • Fixed cannot view any albums if personal albums disabled
  • Fixed new comment use invalid layout
  • Fixed latest comments does not shown in some cases
  • Fixed api always require attachment key
Notable changes:
  • Added new feature: Batch update groups
  • Added media member role permissions
  • Fixed filter staff members missing data
  • Fixed error when approved group
  • Fixed call undefined methods
  • Added member roles permissions page.