Social Groups (XenForo 2.x.x)

Social Groups (XenForo 2.x.x) 3.5.4

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Notable changes:
  • Improvement render FontAwesome icon
  • Added new user preferences to hide/show group badges
  • Allow creating resources without any files
  • Added new permissions to restrict users can create closed groups
  • Display group URL in QRCode
Notable changes:
  • Fixed join group error
Notable changes:
  • Fixed widget options not saved
  • Fixed send alerts to banned users
  • Fixed upload resource icon error
  • Added group badge feature which allow group members can choose specific group display as badge.


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Notable changes:
  • Merge forum sidebar into group side navigation.
  • Fixed promote group member did not apply promote user groups
  • Fixed cover group text too long
  • Fixed send group alert did not respect watch alert activity limit option.

Notable changes:​

  • Improvement render cover positions
  • Fixed extra spacing in group index.
  • Fix render html in bb-code
  • Fix widget cache issues.
Notable changes:
  • Fixed cover small in mobile devices
  • Exclude count deleted group when check limit groups
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Notable changes:
  • Require PHP 7.2 or higher
  • Fixed email phrases.
  • Improvement to displaying preview post message
Notable changes:
  • Added new permission to limit number of groups which user can join
  • Added limit attendees to event
  • Fixed cover break on iPad
  • Fixed bb-code guide missing phrases
  • Fixed button join group still show even user already joined
  • Fixed lift ban member does not show
  • Improvement flow to edit posts
  • Fix api issues.
Notable changes:
  • Fixed error access invalid property in emails
Notable changes:
  • Send emails to users when posts created in group
  • Send emails to users when events created in group
  • Added new permission allow forum admins/moderators can manage group members
  • Support user privacy to view groups on profile page
  • Support lift ban members
  • Fix API issues
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