Social Groups (XenForo 2.x.x)

Social Groups (XenForo 2.x.x) 3.5.4

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Notable changes:
  • Fixed query invalid column.
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Notable changes:
  • Refactor group notifications.
  • Added whats new group posts
  • Improvement display groups


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Notable changes:
  • Improvement display node in ACP
  • Improvement display event date
Notable changes:
  • Fixed listing group forums in admin
  • Fixed invalid message when viewing forum, thread
  • Added new option to disable event countdown block.
Notable changes:
  • Separate nodes display in Admin CP
  • Improvement to link existing albums to group
  • Remove focus on invite block
  • Fixed disable tabs in groups does not work as expected.
Notable changes:
  • Fixed invited cannot view secret groups
  • Fixed disabled navigation tabs does not works
  • Fixed cannot remove filter member states
Notable changes:
  • Fixed editing resources
  • Fixed missing media pagination
Notable changes:
  • Improvement error while creating groups
  • Fixed uploading new avatar in certain sizes
  • Improvement event date time picker
  • Fixed render bb-code group in email
Notable changes:
  • Fixed creating groups error
  • Fixed dropdown empty content
  • Fixed click to Reply does not initialize editor.
Notable changes:
  • Fixed display missing events
  • Support upload files into comments
  • Support rich editor for comments
  • Fixed dropdown actions is empty
  • Added new option to make new member automatically watch group forums
  • Allow hidden specific group navigations in category
  • Allow set default group navigation tab in category
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