[Tinhte] Node Converter (Forum <-> Category)

Unmaintained [Tinhte] Node Converter (Forum <-> Category) 1.0.0 20141018

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Excellent addon - works perfectly and adds functionality that should be part of Xenforo by default. Thank you!!
Great AddOn! Thank you, you saved me a lot of work after the converter accidently changed most of my categorys into forums, which I noticed too late.
This addon just saved my butt big time,thank you! During my large forum conversion, one of my forums was somehow changed into a category. It was old and I didn't care TOO much, but, it was causing major issues with the post content replacement tool. One click with this addon, fixed. Thank you so much.
Although I didn't use it, but it was something that I really needed (https://goo.gl/1ugsOX) but never found it. Its a great must have tool that should be in core. Thanks.
I think xenforo should include this add-on inside. We need it when we edit node and decide between forum and category. It it very simple, why not? I hope xenforo have it in next version.
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