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This update is relatively large...
  • If the first post of a converted (or linked) thread has 1 attachment, it is used as the file for the resource. Otherwise, no file is used and the resource is fileless.
  • The first post of a converted (or linked) thread will now be changed to represent what a resource thread would normally look like.
  • Resources can now be converted to threads, hence the name change. You will be prompted to choose a forum by entering it's URL. This is a category permission.
  • Phrases for the inline moderation of threads have been added.
In addition, a branding line has been added. If your site is not a commercial site, this may be disabled without fee or approval from me. If your site is a commercial site, please contact me - a fee will be required.

A commercial site is defined (by me) as a site that makes money (even if it isn't a profit).
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Added 'Convert to resource' option to thread inline moderation.

If this route is used, multiple threads can be converted at once. The thread title will be used as the resource title, the first post content will be used as the resource description.

The resource will be a fileless resource. The tagline will be set based on the placeholder phrase.
Fix possible error when linking thread to resource.