Thread Reply Banner

Thread Reply Banner 2.4.2

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  • In XF2.2+, fix not scrolling to editor when sticky headers are disabled
  • Adjust permission checks to check permissions before touching (and potentially loading) the reply banner relation
  • Fix redundant queries due to not checking the forum/thread 'has banner' bit.
  • Disable the reply banner if it is saved with empty text
  • Fix thread's moderator action list not showing thread reply banner actions
  • Add "Show thread reply banner in" option, with values
    • Reply-able threads
    • Locked and reply-able threads
    • All threads
  • Add forum-wide default thread reply banner feature
  • Support Advanced BbCode pack v1.7.0+, no longer supports versions before v1.7.0
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  • Support Advanced Bb-Codes pack 'moderator only' bb-codes rendering in the thread reply banner
  • Support Editor & BB Code Manager criteria when rendering in the thread reply banner
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  • Require XF2.1+
  • When a thread has a reply banner, patch the scroll-to-editor behaviour to scroll to the start of the banner instead
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  • Tweak templating to avoid errors when the add-on is upgrading, or has it's code disabled but template changes still occurring.
  • Rework HTML/CSS layout of thread reply banner
    • Fix UI.X compatibility issue
    • Display edit history in thread for the banner if users can manage the reply banner
  • Fix edit history for banner would incorrectly increment edit counter & set edit user
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  • Reduce redundant SQL queries when viewing a thread
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