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Unmaintained Thread Ratings

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great.. i can't even imagine why XF does not apply this feature as default... thank you TeflonDon and JulianD
It' simply the best rating system for your xenforo forum by a mile.
does work with 1.30 ; thanks
Thanks a lot !
Thank you great addon
Thanks, very useful! working on 1.2.3
Excellent, just what our members have been asking for.
Excellent... Future wish: rate-able from thread list directly without having to open the thread... also from xenPorta recent thread module
Just what i was looking for, excellent.
This is a really nice add-on, definitely recommended. I would have given it the top rating if it were possible to sort threads by the rating.
The sort threads by rating feature has been implemented :)
Very good add_on !
Thanks a lot !
I hope this help in SEO aspects like RM does :)
I haven't included the microdata yet but it is absolutely possible! I will update the addon tomorrow with this feature.
Brilliant thank you :)
Wow that is what i was looking for Great Work thanks
Great addon .. Thanks