Thread Grid by Xenbros

Thread Grid by Xenbros 2.0.1

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The plugin works perfectly and absolutely as expected. However Xenbros has to improve very much the "sending instructions" part. The users receive the plugin (the same happened to me with a previous Plugin from them) without any instructions of how to configure it, so we waste a precious and great time trying to guess it by ourselves.

I.e. in my case I devoted a lot of time trying to know why the grid was correctly shown, but not the images, until I could find it by myself. But all it took me a lot of time, when if I had received some kind of instructions it would have taken me like one minute.

In resume: Cons: they have to send instructions! Pros: the Plugin works perfect
Rather than seeing the dreary normal thread listing layout of the forums in which I post a lot of photo articles, now the visitors see a very attractice wordpress like grid layout with big images pulled from each thread. This is just the thing the doctor wants for forums with pictorial threads and articles. Hemant is working on an update for 2.1 which will make the layout even more attractive like his other Latest Threads Grid Widget addon. Can't wait.
The addon is working as attended.
Coupled with the other addon Thread thumbnail, the layout of categories is jumping to another dimension :)
The developper is reactive.