Theme Usage Information

Unmaintained Theme Usage Information 1.5.1

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Excellent. This was exactly what I was looking for. Works for XF 1.4.5 +1
Just what I needed
Very convenient. Should be core.
Great! I was bummed that Xenforo didn't have this as a core feature, so I was happy when someone pointed me to this very useful addon. Thanks for this!
Your brilliant hands make simply miracle!
the little things in life are often the best - like this!
Should be a default. Nice Work.
Excellent addon .. Thank you
Simple but yet perfect!
What I always wanted (seriously). Thank you for developing this.
You are very welcome :-)
Awesome Update ;)
Really liking the update with the visual chart. A most excellent update and thankyou for including this in Matt. Great work and 5 stars all day long.
thank you ! works well
Another great addon for us nosy admins! :D
Useful add-on allowing you to see how many members on your site are using which theme. Excellent work Matt.
Thank you Shelley