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Unmaintained The Magic Breadcrumb Arrow 2.2

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Version 2.2 released
  • Add some workarounds to make the svg arrows and their image background compatible with the XenForo responsive design of the breadcrumb which is managed with some Javascript.
Should be compatible with XenForo 1.2 (needs to be confirmed)
Confirmed by IceWolf.
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Version 2.0 released

This addon has almost nothing to do with the previous version. Users should really install this update.

What's new:
  • The previous addon was using a Javascript to make easy the configuration of arrows. Now, for this part, it's pure Css.
  • The configuration of breadcrumb items & arrows have now a special menu "Easy Breadcrumb" (just below the menu "Breadcrumb" inside the Style Properties (admincp=>Appearance=>Styles=>{your style} => "Easy Breadcrumb")
  • Inside this new menu, there are two global options
    • One to make arrows clickable
    • One to delete arrows borders on all browsers
  • There are also some advanced options to use a SVG graphic to emulate the original arrow in order to have a clean border on all recent browsers compatible with SVG. If the browser is not compatible, then the default arrows will be displayed.
    This SVG graphic have many options: width, height, border width, border color.
  • There is also a experimental option to use another SVG graphic with a background pattern. I wrote a lot about it inside the option, no need to detail more about it here.
The integration of all those new functions can be done by two ways:
  1. Using the TMS (template modifications system)
  2. Using Javascript.
That's integration is automatic. I would still recommend to use TMS, which means you will have to install TMS first (before installing/updating this addon).

If you use the SVG background pattern (experimental option), you will also need to install this addon: Browser Detection (Mobile/MSIE).

How to install/update:
If you use the auto-installer of Chris, it would be easy. Otherwise you will need to upload the files (which have change of directory by the way) and then import the xml.


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2012/12/3: version 1.2 released
  1. Code has been rewritten (cleaner)
  2. Compatible with Chris Auto Installer
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