Teamspeak Integration

Unmaintained Teamspeak Integration 1.3.8 Alpha

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Update includes the following:
  • Support for secondary usergroup syncing!
  • Fixed permission issue with the ControllerPublic Viewer
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Alright big ole' update:
  • - Reprogrammed large amounts of everything, some files were deleted (I made the script attempt to delete them for you so hopefully maximum laziness is achieved! If it doesn't work: These are the files that were removed:
  1. library/Teamspeak/ControllerAdmin/Teamspeak.php
  2. library/Teamspeak/Helper/Admin.php
  3. library/Teamspeak/ControllerPublic/Account.php
  • Moved all processes relating to connection of Teamspeak to the deferred backend (thanks Chris Deeming!) (Note: This makes the addon REQUIRE 1.2 and greater, it simply won't work if you are using anything else!)
  • Added Alert sending, so any alerts you recieve on the forum are sent to all of your Teamspeak identities linked! Extremely convenient! (later update will add toggle setting for individuals and for usergroups)
  • Modified the Teamspeak Integration public panel so it's more of a centralized thing now (main index needs a better look, if anyone is bored would you mind giving me a hand :D )
  • Added Admin tools so you can edit, delete, and add new users to your Teamspeak list! (same location as the rest of the admin tools)
  • Fixed quotes around identities (it broke duplicate checking) and installing this update will automatically go through and fix any entries with said issue)
  • Rewrite of Routing tables to be more dynamic.
  • Moved checking of identities to the DataWriter resulting in a few less queries and less confusion when reading code.
  • All ControllerPublic files moved to individual folder (adding more later, makes it feel less messy)
  • Modified the Teamspeak helpers (not the TS3 PHP API) so they all extend Query.php in order to achieve a more simplified yet powerful role in the addon.
  • Extended default Alert DataWriter and User DataWriter and fixed bug that conflicted with User Moods
  • Extremely dynamic Installer.php added, makes updating a breeze without direct database manipulation required.
  • This is an issue, fixed it with our own function in the meantime (may stay for a while)
  • Teamspeak_Model_Alert is unused at the moment, in the future will render the alert html template that is required for the specified alert and send that to the user (need to find better way!)
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I promise :C

Changed files:

If you are updating from 1.1.1 Alpha, just reupload that file!
If you were on 1.1.0 Alpha, just reinstall the XML file!
- Multiple identity support!
- Define identity count per usergroup. Per-username may come in the future if requested.
- Allow users with access to teamspeak account to see server viewer (no permissions to disable this yet, will add if requested)
- Changed database scheme around. Stores user's identities in a json array for easy grabbing (might be nice if any js features added in the future) and added 'xf_teamspeak_log' for searching through all identities in use.
- If duplicate identity is detected, brings up a overlay and shows you which of your identities is already in use.
- Fixed the message saying that the identity you are using is already in use.
- Installer now supports upgrade versions for future updates
- Previous server groups are removed when changing identity (need to make it change JUST the new ones, less queries for Teamspeak server!)
- Optimised Account Controller and Account Model.
- Servergroup changes if their usergroup changes (only tested in admincp manual usergroup changing).
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- Fixed "Duplicate entry '1' for key 'PRIMARY'" issue (thanks @Liam W)!
- Cleaned up controllerpublic and made it more efficient. (could be better but much less confusing!) Removed 2 model functions in Account in the process!
- Query user generated a random nickname for each connection to compensate for multiple queries running at once. Removes any chance of error if 2 users sync at the same time.
- Updated installer.php so upgrading is now recognized.