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Q. What level of support can I expect?
A. We take a "best effort" approach to support, via the discussion thread. For more urgent requirements, we can offer paid support via

Q. I've found a bug!
A. Let us know in the discussion thread.

Q. I have a feature suggestion.
A. Popular suggestions will be considered for upcoming releases, let us know in the discussion thread.

Q. Will this work on older versions of XenForo?
A. We've tested this on 2.1, but nothing older.

Q. Where's the branding, and how do I remove it?
A. We append a little "User Feedback by Sugar Coding Ltd." link to the XenForo copyright notice, but only at the bottom of the standalone user feedback page - nowhere else. We'd appreciate it if you left it in (and made sure it's barely noticeable), but if you want to disable it just go to your template modifications section and disable the "Adds Sugar Coding copyright to feedback page" modification.

Q. I want to import user feedback from another system. How do I do it?
A. We'll release import support over time for different systems, based on demand. Alternatively we can offer a custom paid import service - please email if you need this.

Q. Who are you?
A. Sugar Coding is a small UK based company specialising in big XenForo boards. Most of our team got started back in the good old days of vB3 development, when the community thrived off the back of free add-ons from countless developers. While we've got nothing against paid add-ons, we'll most likely always release our XenForo add-ons free of charge.