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Unmaintained Steam Authentication & Integration 1.0.7

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Well, I bothered to figure out how to do more in XenForo Addons and now have the Administration Update! So here's the changes:
  • Created Admin Tap & Prefix (Steam)
    • All previous items under Tools were moved here
  • Games List
    • Click a game to see who owns what game & other details
  • Top Owned Games
  • Top Played Games (all time)
  • Top Recently Played Games (two weeks)
  • User List
The following bugs were fixed in 1.0.6 (oops):
  • Visitors receive error when a notice implementing a Steam Game is defined
  • Admin phrases not defined for Admin->Tools->Steam->Top 25 Games
Game notices and Tools now gained a "Steam" section (which will gain more capabilities later).
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This fixes a few small issues that were noticed after releasing 1.0.3. It is advised to upgrade to 1.0.4. These issues affected the ACP and not use registration or authentication. The fixes are:
  • Fixed permissions typo in "Steam Statistics"
  • Import data from Steam during registration & association
Steam Authentication & Integration now brings Game Statistics to the Administration Control Panel! Check the main description page for screenshots & information!

This update adds a cron job which runs twice a day to request new game data information regarding your users. You may need to adjust when this job runs (which is how the statistics are updated). Please let me know if anyone has any issues specifically with this.
User criteria have been implemented to allow specifically notices to users for any set of options you can imagine!

Some examples:
  • Users who are not logged in -> invite them to login with Steam
  • Users who have not associated -> invite them to associate with Steam
  • Users who have associated -> tell them how cool they are!
See the main description for additional screenshots.
Allows the Steam bar to be shown in the Message Content on the upper right. I did notice that with quotes there was a small overlay with the styling but not the actual text. Patches welcome to fix this if anyone knows how.

See attached image for a preview!


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License as been added to all files to Open Source this Addon!
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