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Standard Library by Xon 1.9.0

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  • Fix 32bit support when detecting early-join behaviour (ie Optimize List Queries add-on)
  • Move helper features for extending forum/prefix filters into Standard Lib from a number of other add-ons
  • Fix triggering an error on /forums/1/page-9223372036854775807 when Optimized Query List add-on is used and php7+ type hinting is used
  • Fix "DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for .../js/sv/vendor/moment/"
  • When viewing a template, always show the 'view template modifications' link to allow viewing compiled code
  • Add an addValue template filter, to complement removeValue filter, and related phrases
  • Add sanity check for add-ons with composer during add-on install
  • In XF2.2+, fix pikaday css not being loaded when using extended day-time picker
    • Impacted addons; Advanced Bb-Code Pack (Time bb-code), Live Content, Vote tally.
  • Update EarlyJoinFinderTrait to send additional arguments to the getEarlyJoinThreshold method, this is a non-breaking change
  • Rebuild redistributable to exclude incorrectly included bad class extension.
    The 1.7.1 zip breaks the upload zip functionality! To recover;
    1. Disable the Standard Library by Xon add-on.
    2. Update the add-on
    3. Ensure the Standard Library by Xon add-on is enabled
  • Fix out-of-memory error if multiple add-ons use EarlyJoinFinderTrait on the same class.
  • If using Optimized list queries add-on (free), this is a required update
  • Force global namespace for functions which are known to be optimizable to bytecode in php
  • Add hook-point for more aggressively rewrite inner-sub-query on early joins
  • Document features in
  • Extend XF.Tabs to store the ID of the selected tab on submit via a hidden field.
    Field name is set via data-sv-store-selected-tab-input-name added to the data-xf-init="tabs" element
    <xf:js addon="SV/StandardLib" src="sv/lib/xf/core/structure.js" min="1" />
    <div class="hScroller"
         data-xf-init="h-scroller tabs"