Special Avatar for Banned Members

Special Avatar for Banned Members 1.3.10

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Fix incorrect usage of the banned avatar in some situations
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There was a mistake in the extended DataWriter in 1.3.8. If you're already running 1.3.8 you can just upload the files to fix the problem.
This release mostly fixes an issue which made it appear as though a member who has been unbanned has had their original avatar deleted.

In reality, no files were being deleted, however some data was left behind (specifically the avatar_date field in the xf_user table) which tricked XF into thinking it should be looking for an uploaded avatar.

If the user had an uploaded avatar before they were banned, this would be unaffected after being unbanned. However, if the user had never uploaded an avatar before, when they were unbanned, XF would be expecting them to have one, but of course not being able to find it.

This issue is now fixed, but it is not fixed retroactively for unbanned users who may now appear to be missing an avatar. The workaround for these users is to edit them in the Admin CP and check the "Delete avatar" checkbox - this reverts them back to the default avatar.

This update also changes the location where the banned avatar is stored. The banned avatars are now stored in the following location:


If you have edited the banned avatars in the past, you simply need to copy them from <styleImagePath>/xenforo/avatars into the <styleImagePath>/bannedavatar directory.

The exact location depends on what is configured as your imagePath style property.
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The recent changes introduced to support Last Poster Avatar by Waindigo now only run if the aforementioned avatar is installed and enabled.
Now correctly shows the banned avatar on the thread list if the last poster was a banned user.
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This update improves compatibility with @Waindigo's Last Poster Avatar add-on.


It enables the banned avatar to appear in the node list.

For this update to work fully, you will first need to wait for an upgrade to Last Poster Avatar to be released by Waindigo.

Thanks Waindigo for your help.
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Fixes the banned user list
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Thanks to @Shyuan for helping me identify this issue.

The issue occurs if the banned user's previous large avatar was smaller than 192px x 192px.
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Last update... didn't update. Maybe I didn't change the version string.
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If you first ever installed version 1.3.0 of this add-on then the default banned avatars were missing from the package.

They are now included.
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