[SolidMean] Amazon and eBay Parser

Unmaintained [SolidMean] Amazon and eBay Parser 1.2.7

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This has the correct xml file.
Fix a bug rewriting rover.ebay.com URL's that have percent-encoded content. Discovered by @BentDreams
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Added support for eBay's m.ebay.com URL's.
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12/17/2014: Version 1.2.4 (Support for Amazon shortener)
- Added support for amzn.com links. This add-on will not work with any other URL shortener, including amzn.to.
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- Proxy link code now uses core xF proxy build method, rather than trying to negate the error generated from it. (Similar to what ComprehensiveURLParser does). Thanks to @Andy.N for bringing this to my attention.
- Removed some variables references that were no longer being used.
- Improved commenting.

NOTE: The following file removed in this version. You can delete it yourself, or keep it, it is no longer referenced in this add-on.
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10/25/2014: Version 1.2.1 (eBay improvements)
- Rewrote eBay processing to better support the ePN network, and rover.ebay subdomain URL's.
- No Amazon processing changes.

Adds eBay options for publisherid, customid, and toolid (defaults to 10001) which are not required, but can be used if you have specific links to target for your site, depending on your ePN needs.

This is practically a rewrite of the eBay parsing routine after getting some information from AVForums, and doing more testing with the eBay Partner Network. Thanks goes to Stuart Wright doing a lot of investigation in to this.

Now, eBay parsing works like this:
1) Any non-rover subdomain URL will get rewritten as your own rover affiliate URL.
2) Rover subdomain URL's have the publisher, customid, and campaign id in the URLs changed automagically.
3) Any other query parameters are left untouched in the URL.
10/14/2014: Version 1.2.1 (bug fixes)
- Fixed bug in processing ebay subdomain url's.
- Minor improvement in getting the base url of both ebay and amazon domain names.
10/8/2014: Version 1.2.0 (support for eBay, renamed addon)
- Added ebay options for campaign id (campid), region/placement id, and cachebuster in the url.
- Renamed "Amazon Parser" to Amazon/eBay Parser (file names, addon xml file, and internal addon names are unchanged.)
- Performance improved by replacing stristr() functions with stripos().

If you have an eBay campaign id, visit the options and make sure to enter it into the correct country input box, located on the "eBay Options" tab.
Releasing 1.1.2 again to make sure it is the most recent version. Sorry for the inconvenience. There are no changes between this 1.1.2 and the previous 1.1.2. I had just removed the update post errantly