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Soft delete all moderated posts (queries)

Useful for clearing out a backlog of moderated posts when you don't want to permanently delete them.

  1. Jake Bunce
    You can run these queries to soft delete all moderated posts. You need to change the red pieces to attribute these deletions to a user_id and username, as well as give the reason. These things are recorded in the deletion log:

    INSERT INTO xf_deletion_log (content_type, content_id, delete_date, delete_user_id,...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ryan Hickman
    Ryan Hickman
    This works exactly as advertised and also includes the query to log the actions to the database. Would highly recommend for big boards requiring bulk moderation.
  2. dvsDave
    Helped me clear over 600 entries out of my queue when I migrated. Very useful!