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Show Deleted 2.4

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Show Deleted v2.4 changes:

Updated PHP and template code. No longer requires disabling Delete Posts add-on to use this add-on.
Show Deleted v2.3 changes:

Updated Template Modification to use Regular Expression.
Show Deleted v2.2 changes:

Please do a complete uninstall of any version prior to Show Deleted v2.2..
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Show Deleted v2.1 changes:

Added warning to disable Delete Posts add-on if enabled.
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Show Deleted v2.0 changes:

1. Removed Full Friendly URL requirement.

To update from v1.9, upload files and upgrade XML file.
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Show Deleted v1.9 changes:

1) Added optional limit switch.
2) Made Full Friendly URLs a requirement.

Copy library/Andy/ShowDeleted to server and upgrade XML.
Show Deleted v1.8 changes:

1) Added User Group Permissions
2) Updated Overview with important information regarding Super Moderators.
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Prior to Show Deleted v1.7, there was a limit to only show a maximum of 100 soft deleted posts and threads. This is now an Option setting. The default is 500.
If the "Use Full Friendly URLs" was not selected, the two delete links didn't work. This version fixes that issue.
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Now fully phrased.
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