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This is a super add-on. It does exactly what it says it will do and it does it quickly. Thanks Andy.
It's hard not to have special appreciation for Andy who shares the most useful and well done mods (like this) to fill a gap of major necessity. A big thank you.
I've been using this add-on for quite a while, as I do not allow moderators to hard delete posts. I like having them there to review, then mass remove them when I am ready. Yet another great add-on by AndyB!
Another little addon made by Andy that is an absolute must have for people who run a large forum and want to easily maintain it. Again excellent work of the addon grand master of Xenforo!
Another sweet mod by Andy
Thanks for update !!
Love this. Was able to find some old post that got deleted as well as discover what an old staff had done. lol
Very handy!
Great little add on, does exactly what i needed. Perfect
Perfect !! Thanks for share !!
Works great and it's incredibly useful for moderating moderators. Thanks!
Work perfectly. Thanks so much.
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