Shoutbox by Siropu

Shoutbox by Siropu 2.0.0

No permission to buy (€14.99)
This version is compatible with XenForo 2.3
Added user group permission to edit header & footer content for non-admins.
Fixed an error in prune cron job due to a recent change.
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Added the option to select which ChatGPT model to use for /ai command prompts.

Note: The previous version was wrongly numbered internally and when you upgrade to this one, you will have to use the rebuild method instead which will work just fine.
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Added the ability to report shouts and view them in the archive for easy moderation (requires the new Report shouts user permission).
Added the ability to use a predefined user account for ChatGPT responses.
Added the @ before the ChatGPT bot name for easy /ai command insert.
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Added the option to edit shoutbox header and footer admin options from the front-end with the ability to use the BB code editor.
Added error log for open AI API to troubleshoot issues.

Fixed an issue with the /ai command response where the user BB code would not work when bb code is disabled.
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Added /ai command where uses can ask questions or requests to get automated responses from ChatGPT.
To set it up, add your API key in admin options and set the new user group permission "Use /ai command".
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Fixed an issue with room mention page where the buttons to show 10 before/after messages are displaying messages incorrectly.

Fixed an issue with room switch on mobile where page becomes unusable.
Added style property for user mentions where you can style the shout container, text and date.

Fixed a bug with user mention where @ not working when the shout is loaded via AJAX.
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When users get mentioned in a shout and they get an alert, it will link to that shout and users will have the option to view 10 shouts before and after the shout they been mentioned in.

Fixed an error on the archive page for users who don't have the permissions to view the staff room.
Added "Staff room" feature where staff members with the permission can switch from "public room" to the "staff room" to chat in private. The archive will display both public and staff room shouts for those with permission.

Made code improvements and removed almost 1 KB of JS code.


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