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Unmaintained Set Remember Me Cookie Time 1.0.1

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Perfect! Just what I needed and it works flawlessly.
Thank you. Great as usual!
And a new acronym is born, SBIC (Should be in core)
hehe, but there won't be a sbic addon^^
each request will be a own addon.....

i've learned from the past and it seems that people prefer to have an extra addon for each feature instead of 1 addon with 20 features, where they need only 1

but ATM i'm having 2 great (the worlds best!!) clients, which are paying me for continuing development on xenforo because they don't think they'll see 1.2 this year...
they also degree that i'm allowed to release all the custom stuff, so it's a win-win situation:)
Awesome addon, it should indeed be part of the core :)
PS: It's "Remember" instead of "Rememer" and "installation" instead of "isntallation" ;)
Should be part of the core of XenForo. Outstanding.
you'll see many more "should be part of xenforo core" addons in the next months;)
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