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Unmaintained Separate Sticky and Normal Threads 1.0

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What is it? It's a simple plugin to allow you to separate Sticky and Normal threads in forumdisplay without editing template.

Installation Instructions
unzip it, and you can look 1 file and 1 folder SeparateStickyAndNormal and addon-SeparateStickyAndNormal.xml

Upload the SeparateStickyAndNormal(including all sub directories and files contained within it) to:
After uploading, to verify, you should have: yourXF/library/SeparateStickyAndNormal/
Log in to your Admin panel:
Admin -> Add-ons -> Install Addon. Click the Install from Upload file button, and browse to the location you unzipped this Addon in, and click the addon-SeparateStickyAndNormal.xml (xml file). Once you selected the file, click the Install Add-on button.

Template Edits: None.
Admin -> Options -> Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
Separate Sticky and Normal Threads.webp
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Another one of those things that should be a core option. It is often hard to see where the list of stickies ends and this takes care of it perfectly. Plugin is getting a little dated but seems to work fine in 1.4
Does Exactly what it says...
Works Great!
Work great, looks nice. What more can you want!
Works great - there's nothing more to say. Thanks a lot for this, should be in xenForo by default.
Works great with 1.3.2
Works great thank you!
Works perfectly on 1.3
small and fine.
Works perfectly fine.
Good Job
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