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Unmaintained Route Changer 1.1.3

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worked exactly as described! Nothing has conflicted so far and it seems to work as intended. I noticed the forum/forums thing after enabling friendly urls.
Thank you very much.
This add-on corrected a conflict between two other add-ons installed on a Xenforo customers board. Thanks Jake!
I'll need this soon.
just what I needed
This mod installed and worked the first time without any errors. It performed as described and is extremely useful to overwrite any Nav function you want.
Thank you Jake for this update, and for working so hard on figuring out the issue I was having - Love your work!!! <3
Excellent update! Works well! :) A++ add-on!
Nifty little add-on! :)
Great add-on, making what I wanted to do with another add-on possible
Very good product and works well with my add-ons i have made
Easy Install, Easy Use. Great add on Jake!
Best add-on ever! :D
Perfect! Did just what I needed.
For installation purposes, it was a bit confusing for new comers like myself. The excessive amounts of some files such as .DS_Store leaves you wondering whether or not you're supposed to upload all instances of them or not and the lack of installation instructions means you're fishing for the information first, or just making a guess on what you upload through FTP (note: I didn't read through all 6 pages in the discussion so it could have been addressed there). I ended up ignoring the first instance and uploading the rest. Despite the initial confusion, this mod installed and worked the first time without any errors and performed exactly as described. I used this to overwrite the annoying "xfa-blogs" URL into just "blogs" and this worked like a charm.
Jake Bunce
Jake Bunce
Fair enough. I just added install instructions to the addon description. Note that the .DS_Store files are a Mac thing. They are harmless. Just upload them with the rest of the files.
Very Useful. Thanks for this Wonderful Add-On
Thanks, Jake
awesome stuff... as always ;)