Robots 2.1

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Robots v2.1 changes:

This version has many changes. Please uninstall any previous version before installing this latest version.
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Robots v2.0 changes:

Updated Options page.

I suggest doing a full uninstall of any older version before installing this latest version.
Robots v1.9 changes:

Updated Robot Names in the Options page.

I suggest uninstalling any previous version before installing this new version.
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Robots v1.8 changes:

Added code to limit the 'type' field in the xf_robots table.
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Robots v1.7 changes:

Updated Template Modification to use Regular Expression.
Robots v1.6 changes:

Updated PHP code.
Robots v1.5 changes:

Added code to ensure IP address is always 39 characters or less.
Robots v1.4 changes:

Made the Allowed Robots textbox larger in the Options page.
Robots v1.3 changes:

Fixed xf_robots index. Please uninstall previous version of this add-on and install this new version.
Robots v1.2 changes:

Fixed Install.php code as it had a problem creating the index properly.
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