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Resource Manager - Thread Reassign 1.0.1

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A must have add on to all Resource Manager board!
Thank you @Chris Deeming for this useful add-on, Installed on XenForo 1.2.3 - RM 1.1.1 and its working fine.
Awsome! It should be a official feature of Xen Resources.
Work as expected. Thank you very much Chris
Very Useful!
Works as advertised. Nice job!
Would be better if Administrators could reassign resources to different threads - i.e. not limited only the resource creator.

Otherwise, five-star addon.
Chris D
Chris D
The admin already can assign a resource to a thread started by anyone.
Great add-on, just what I needed for older content that has been moved to the RM
Chris D
Chris D
Thanks Matt. All working ok then, I assume?
Great! I really need this.
Have already used it, installs and works flawlessly. Another DeemIT product that is extremely useful.
Chris D
Chris D
Thanks dude!
Great stuff!
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you Statham :)
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