Reputation System

Reputation System 2.2.5

No permission to buy ($20.00)
Fixed bug of not applicable patch 2.2.3
Require min version 2.2.1
Fix error XF\PrintableException: Job XF:ApprovalQueueProcess: Please enter a value using 150 characters or fewer.
Fix [E_NOTICE] Undefined variable: error
Fixed a situation when a message could be physically deleted, but the approval queue was not cleared and the reputation remained in the database
Fixed bug after turning off add-on
Now require Standard Library by Xon (
Add option disable reactions on posts in thread
Fix error Template error: Cannot call method canGiveReputation on a non-object
Fix import from [bd] Reputation
Fix missing phrase
When editing in the reputation log, you can now specify the date and time.
New style properties:
  • Show add reputation in post tool
  • Show in postbit add reputation
Fix support for XF 2.2
Merge user reputation
Add information by reputation count in forum statistic widget.
Added style properties:
  • Show colouring reputation in postbit
  • Enable colouring in member card
  • Neutral reputation setting in postbit
  • Positive reputation setting in postbit
  • Negative reputation setting in postbit
  • Neutral reputation setting in membercard
  • Positive reputation setting in member card
  • Negative reputation setting in member card

Add new phrase for reputation points (mrs_points)
Added stats reputation
When copy post reset cached fields data
Added in admin statistic reputation on posts
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If the user does not have the right to issue a negative reputation or minimum reputation equal 0, then to the value 0 we do not indicate negative, but write neutral.
Add user remove reputations
Add reputation stat in account visitor


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If no permission to view other reputations view as number value
Add log view
Add edit in log view
Add delete in log view
Added behavior for child content reputation
Add Import from [bd] Reputation System and Advanced Reputation System

You can search by various parameters:

Also, when searching, you can set the sorting by various parameters:

Well, set ascending or descending sort.
Edit reputation

Delete reputation:



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