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Works like charm!
Thank you! Excellent add-on. I could not figure out how to do this otherwise. Thanks for the great add-ons!
Wanted to eliminate the RSS options of Xenforo. Should be in the default options, but unfortunately is not. Again Andy is the guy who gives us the option to remove unnecessary functionality. As markku says, check out his other addons. You'll love them ;)
Fantastic exactly what i was looking for! I wanted to turn RSS off as members were concerned that there posts could be pulled to anywhere on the net. This had happened with one site using our RSS feed. Thanks Andy!
This add-on is very nice. I have several creations from Andy...Found it very quick....Muchas gracias!!! ... thanks!!!
Sometimes you just don't want the RSS feature, and this option should be in the core -- it bothers me it isn't. Actually, seeing how many Andy's addons I use, there are a lot important features missing from the core software.

Well, as said, Andy to the rescue. This is a fantastic little addon taking care of my issue (i.e. wanting to get rid of RSS).

I suggest checking out other addons by Andy, there are several gems out there. And the man doesn't even charge for them, which bothers me as well!

So please remember to send a little donation to Andy for his efforts -- XF needs guys like him, don't you agree?
Aesome add-on, not sure why xenforo don't put a button to switch it off, thank god for people like AndyB talking the time to correct these litttle flaws. Do I want my entire website scrapped by Nope, I'm glad someone feels the same.
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