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Remove Quick Links

Unmaintained Remove Quick Links 1.0.0

No permission to download
Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.4, 1.5
Additional requirements
Note: Works for the default theme, XenBase themes from PixelExit. For Audentio Themes: will not work but links can be removed using the modifications at the beginning of the support thread.
Visible branding
I've seen a number of requests asking how to remove the Quick Links heading from the top of your dropdown menu. The solution has always been "use CSS to hide it!" While "display:none" works much of the time, it doesn't work the way I prefer and decided to just get rid of it non-destructively using an addon. It will remove the Quick Links from being generated in your template. To install, simply download and unzip the xml file. Install the addon the way you do any other addon and Quick Links should magically vanish within seconds.

This product is Thank You ware which means you must thank me in case you decide to use it. Licensing will be strictly enforced - enjoy! :)


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