[rellect] Nodes Grid

[rellect] Nodes Grid 2.0.2

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  • Fixed a styling issue with forums without a parent category.
  • Reduced amount of template modifications used.
  • Tested on xenforo 1.5.0
  • Added style setting to disable Nodes Grid in specific styles.
What's new
  1. Fixed spacing between columns (starting from second row).
  2. Added a style property setting to disable the status icon for sub-forums (@rellect_nodes_grid_show_status_icon).
This update fix an issue in beta2 which caused the JS file not to load.

This is also the gold release of v2.0.0, it is now stable enough to be used in a production site.

Just as a reminder, the full changes list can be seen in here.
The most important change is probably the front-end customization feature.

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- Corrected alignment for the responsive design in narrow screens.
- Fixed the option to disable the front-end grid customization.
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This update is in beta stage. Use it at your own risk.

v2.0.0b1 includes:

  1. Added "File Health" xenforo diagnostics support.
    This allows you to make sure that you've uploaded all the required files, and all files contains the expected content.
    It will mostly help to quickly solve installation (and other) issues.

  2. CSS optimizations and corrections, better alignment between nodes.
    If you use a custom style, note that you may need to apply some changes to be compatible with the css of the grid.

  3. Fixed a bug in some Android devices (stock browser) which caused side by side nodes to break into separate lines.

  4. NEW FEATURE: Front-end Grid Editing
    From now it is possible to customize the grid directly from the front-end.
    The long process of going to the admincp, editing the node and going back to the forum to see the changes - no more needed.

    Admins with permissions to edit nodes will automatically have a new icon next to the forum title (visible on hover), which will allow to toggle the column display of the node. This is updated using AJAX.

    This allows to get feedback quickly and customize the grid easily.

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Non-updated install file was included in the last update. Sorry.
[ADDED] Status icon for sub-categories
[FIXED] Sub-forums drop down list indentation issue
[CHANGED] The grid no longer applied in the separated categories pages. It wasn't intended in the first place.

Note: Status icon for sub-node has now a different css class. If you styled it, you will need to update the class in your css.

Thanks to: @karll, @smimosmile and @markku for reporting about the bugs.
Status icon for sub-forums
To show sub-forums like that, you need to disable sub-forums popup (@nodeListSubForumPopup)


Hide last post
Now you can hide the last post inside grid nodes.
You can hide it in all grids, or just in a nested grid.


New settings
Two new settings already mentioned above, to hide the last post.
Additional new setting (and a little css change), is the option to set the minimum width to show a nested grid. Previously it was hard coded in the css.
Nested grid requires pretty wide screen width, from my tests the most minimal width that looks okay with nested grid was 1180px.


If you not sure what Nested Grid means, it is when there are columns inside columns. For example, when you have two categories side by side, and the forums inside the categories are also side by side.
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- Added style property to set the desired spacing in the grid.
- Minor css adjustments to correct alignment with the RSS icon.
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- Fixed an issue with the uninstall process.
- The grid setting now available for the Link node (it was missing because of a little TMS issue).
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